Tuition Schedule & Fees

Tuition includes textbooks.  Expenses associated with student supplies, athletics, extracurricular activities, field trips, clubs, after school care, or uniforms are additional.   

Payment Schedule

Families have the option to pay tuition annually or monthly.

Annually—tuition may be paid in full by June 1 or within 7 days of initial enrollment. Full-tuition families receive a 2% discount off tuition when paying annually by check.

Monthly—tuition can be paid in 12 monthly installments, June through May, by bank draft, debit, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

Other Fees and Expenses

Registration Fee/Enrollment Fees—registration fees are due with your admission application or at the time of re-enrollment.

Student Supply Fee—to reduce family expense, SSCS purchases some school supplies in bulk.  This fee covers some student school supplies, lunchroom supplies, and classroom supplies.

Student Activity Fee—families have the option to pay for expenses that incur throughout the year (field trips, yearbooks, athletics, drama club, Field Day, etc.) from a Student Activity Fee that is added to your monthly tuition (August-May).  This fee is optional; these expenses can be paid by cash or check as needed.

Uniforms—new uniforms can be purchased from Lands’ End. Used uniforms can be purchased through the PTA used uniform closet when available.

Field Trips—each elementary class takes an average of 8-10 field trips per year ranging from $5-10 per trip.

Middle School Trips—Middle School students take one educational multi-day trip per year to such places as Atlanta, Washington D.C., or Charleston.

Athletics, Drama, Clubs—athletics, drama, and other extracurricular activities require participation fees that cover the cost of coaches, directors, and venues.

After School Care—after school care is offered for students to attend regularly or by the day for an additional fee.

Financial Aid

We do not want finances to be a hindrance for those wishing to attend SSCS. Assistance is available to families who demonstrate financial need.  Apply for financial assistance through FACTS, an organization that evaluates an applicant's financial need and reports their recommendations to SSCS.

For additional information regarding financial aid, please contact Mark Kok,, or 912-634-8177.