Our School

Saint Simons Christian School (SSCS) is an independent, non-denominational, private Christian school offering a rigorous and distinctively Christian education for K4 through 8th grade students. We are the only independent, non-denominational Christian school in the Golden Isles.
SSCS offers an education taught from a distinctively Christian perspective, with the belief that each child has unique gifts and the potential to learn.

Biblically Integrated

Biblical truths are woven into everything we do at SSCS. Academic subjects, activities, athletics, and fine arts are taught and practiced through a Biblical lens.

SSCS partners with families to provide children the knowledge they need to excel academically as well as the discernment necessary to develop a biblical worldview that helps them grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Ultimately, our aim is to enable students to see all of life from a Christian perspective, preparing them academically and spiritually to pursue God’s calling for their lives. Each child is a work in progress. SSCS views it as a privilege to contribute to the work that continues “Guiding Hearts and Growing Minds.”


ACSI—Association of Christian Schools International  |  SACS—Southern Association of Colleges & Schools / Advanced Ed

SSCS is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS) / Advanced Ed. ACSI accreditation holds us accountable to the highest level of academic excellence. SACS accreditation ensures that earned student credit will matriculate to other schools, high schools, and colleges.

Teachers Inspiring Children in the Classroom

Our teachers are SSCS’s most valuable asset. These experienced and gifted educators draw children into the learning process as they model a love for the Lord, a love for learning, and a servant’s heart. It is their love for teaching the hearts and minds of children that makes SSCS an invaluable experience.

By providing a challenging and engaging academic environment, we hope to inspire children to reach their highest potential as they grow in “wisdom and stature” and learn to think, listen, and communicate from a Biblical perspective in every area of their life.

Student Body and Faculty

More than 160 students from Brunswick, Saint Simons, and the surrounding area attend SSCS in grades K4 through 8th. SSCS families and faculty from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds represent over 15 area churches.

Athletics, Fine Arts, and Activities

We encourage students to develop their unique talents outside the classroom. SSCS’s open participation policy gives students an opportunity to try a new sport or discover their singing and acting talents. Students learn and practice the principles of teamwork and sportsmanship firsthand from a Christian perspective.