Academic Milestones
  • Students adjust to life in the classroom and learn age-appropriate social skills
  • Continue learning letter and number formation
  • Continue their study of phonics and letter and blended sounds
  • Continue their study of mathematics by learning numbers, patterns, adding, and subtraction
  • Memorize Scripture
  • Learn worship songs
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1st Grade

Academic Milestones
  • Learning to be responsible for studying and doing weeknight homework
  • Taking tests on a regular basis
  • Writing a paragraph
  • Answering questions in complete sentences
  • Preparing and presenting an oral report/project in front of the class
  • Learning songs and chants as well as creating models and projects that relate to a specific area of study
  • Mastering single-digit addition and subtraction facts
  • Learning special sounds in phonics and applying rules of spelling in written work
  • Recognizing and understanding parts of speech
  • Forming letters correctly in penmanship
  • Reading with more fluency and expression
  • Begin first year of science
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2nd Grade

Academic Milestones
  • Master addition and subtraction facts quickly
  • Two-, three-, four-digit subtraction and addition with re-grouping
  • Multiplication and introduction to division
  • Intermediate level chapter books
  • Cursive writing
  • Writing answers to questions in complete sentences
  • Writing a full paragraph with complete sentences and quality adverbs and adjectives
  • Writing a three-paragraph paper
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3rd Grade

Academic Milestones
  • Increased spelling and vocabulary memorization
  • Mastery of multiplication and division facts quickly
  • Learn to independently manage their time and become responsible learners
  • Begin first-year Latin
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4th Grade

Academic Milestones
  • Multiply and divide large numbers and fractions
  • Mastery of math facts
  • Year two of Latin
  • Practice accountability for organization and study habits
  • Acclimating to academic expectations in order to become active learners


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5th Grade

Academic Milestones
  • Mastery of state capitals and states
  • Mastery of reading comprehension independently
  • Develop enhanced writing techniques
  • Third year of Latin
  • Classic poem memorization


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