When does SSCS begin and end each day?

School is 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. for Kindergarten through 8th-grade students. K4 students have the option to attend half day (8:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.) or full day (8:30 a.m.-3 p.m.).

What is SSCS’s policy regarding student-teacher ratios?

Ideally, our student-to-teacher ratios are 16:1 (K4, K5), 18:1 (1st grade), 20:1 (2nd-5th grade), and 25:1 (6th-8th grade). Depending on class size, our K4 through 2nd grade classrooms have a full or part-time teacher’s aide.

How are the students graded? Are there report cards?

Quarterly report cards are issued beginning in K4 to provide objective measurements of each student’s progress. Mid-quarter progress reports are sent to notify parents of their child’s progress before report cards are issued at the end of each nine-week quarter.

  • K4 and K5—student progress is shown by issuing E (exceeding expectations), S (meeting expectations), I (improvement shown), and N (needs improvement).
  • 1st—8th grade:  progress is shown by percents that are equivalent to A, B, C, D or F.

What is the school’s policy regarding a dress code or uniform?

To encourage a wholesome educational environment and minimize distractions, SSCS has a uniform dress code for K4 through 8th-grade students. New uniforms can be purchased from Lands’ End. Used uniforms can be purchased from the PTA Used Uniform Closet when available. See the PARENT-STUDENT HANDBOOK—Dress Code section and Appendix V for Uniform Policy and Guidelines.

What are the qualifications for SSCS teachers?

  • Proficiency in instructional methodology, classroom management, and the care and nurture of individual students.
  • A bachelor’s degree, ACSI certification, and a commitment to ongoing professional mentoring and development are minimum requirements.
  • It is a requirement to incorporate Biblical instruction into all courses taught at SSCS.
  • In order to preserve the function and integrity of Saint Simons Christian School and to provide a Biblical role model to students, families, and the community, SSCS teachers must agree with and abide by the school’s Statement of Faith and Standards of Conduct.

Does SSCS conduct Bible classes?

Bible is a core class in all grades along with the weekly chapel service. In addition, biblical perspective is incorporated into the teaching of every subject. We believe it is crucial for students to begin seeing all of creation (including their studies) through a Biblical lens.

What is the discipline policy at SSCS?

Most matters of discipline are dealt with at the classroom level. The type of discipline is determined by the teachers, and if necessary, the Headmaster. All discipline is based on biblical principles, e.g. acknowledgment, forgiveness, restitution, restoration, etc.  See Conduct Guidelines in the PARENT-STUDENT HANDBOOK.

Does the school need funds over and above tuition?

Like all independent private schools, tuition does not cover the total cost of educating a student. SSCS has the need to raise additional funding through strategic fundraising efforts each year, including the Georgia Tax Credit Program, community fundraising events, and the Annual Appeal.  Parents are encouraged to participate in fundraising and encouraged to prayerfully consider giving above and beyond their child’s tuition to assist in offsetting actual costs. In particular, we encourage all families to participate in and promote the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program. This tax credit program allows individuals and businesses to claim dollar-for-dollar tax credits on their Georgia income tax for scholarship donations made through an SSO.

Does SSCS provide tuition assistance?

SSCS offers tuition assistance based on financial need. Families can apply online through FACTS, www.factstuitionaid.com, an organization that evaluates an applicant’s financial need and makes recommendations to SSCS.

How is the school governed?

The school is governed by a School Board comprised of men and women from the community with various skills and a heart for the school. The School Board determines school policy and the Headmaster is responsible for implementing approved policies.

These FAQ’s are subject to change. Please see the STUDENT-PARENT HANDBOOK for detailed information.