Academic Milestones

Students adjust to life in the classroom and learn age-appropriate social skills

Begin learning letter and number formation

Start their study of phonics and letter and blended sounds

Start their study of mathematics by learning numbers, patterns, adding, and subtraction

Memorize Scripture



Students learn about the beginning of the world, God’s plan for his family, Jesus’ life and teaching, and God’s helpers in the New Testament church. Students also memorize Scripture verses and learn worship songs. Art is incorporated into Bible activities.


The Saxon K5 curriculum is used, and it emphasizes number formation, number identification, and the beginning of addition.

Language Arts

The A Beka phonic program is used, and it includes writing skills and reading. Emphasis is on the correct formation of letters and proper pronunciation of letter sounds.


Students learn about the five senses, plants, weather, animals, beach, ocean, and dental health.

Social Studies

Students learn about our local community helpers and our city, county, state, and country. They will also learn about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thanksgiving, and patriotic songs.

Physical Education

The physical education program helps students develop their gross motor skills, learn game skills, and sportsmanship.