Georgia Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program (QEE)

In 2008, the Georgia General Assembly passed legislation creating the Georgia Qualified Education Expense (QEE) Tax Credit Program. Under this program, individuals and corporations can make tax-credit donations to authorized non-profit Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO) which fund scholarships at private schools in Georgia, including schools recommended by the donor. The tax credit cap is now $100 million per year.

Dollar-for-Dollar Tax Credit on Your Georgia Income Tax

The Georgia QEE Tax Credit Program allows individuals, married couples, and businesses to claim dollar-for-dollar tax credits on their Georgia income tax for student scholarship donations made through a qualified SSO. The amount of tax credits that can be taken is limited to the donor’s tax liability or actual donation amount, whichever is less.


up to $2,500

Married Filing

up to $2,500

Married Filing

up to $5,000

C Corporations

up to 75% of Georgia income tax liability

Members of LLCs, Shareholders in Subchapter ‘S’ corporations, and Partners in Partnerships

up to $25,000

Donate to SSCS through GASSO

SSCS has partnered with the Georgia Student Scholarship Organization (GASSO), an authorized SSO, to receive and process donations on our behalf.  .

How to Donate

  1. Complete GASSO's online Request for Donation prior to December 31 for the upcoming year.
  2. Get approved—on January 1, GASSO will submit donation requests to the Georgia Department of Revenue for approval.
  3. Receive Notification—GASSO and the Georgia Department of Revenue will notify you via email and mail once your donation has been approved.
  4. Donate online at or mail your donation to GASSO at the address indicated in your approval letter.
  5. Receipt– GASSO will send the receipt and paperwork to you, the donor, to use when you file your state taxes.
  6. School Funding– donated funds are distributed to SSCS once they are received by GASSO.


Contact Mark Kok, 912-634-8177 or, with any questions or assistance with the GASSO application process.