Serving Together to Strengthen Our School Community

As a small school, parent volunteers are essential to the success of SSCS. Not only do they strengthen the school community, volunteers help with the school’s operating costs and support day-to-day operations.

What Are Your Talents?

We encourage our SSCS parents to find a place to invest their time and talents. With your support, SSCS is able to offer an above-and-beyond educational experience.

SSCS Family Service Agreement

Each SSCS family of a K4 through 8th-grade student is required to fulfill 15 service hours per school year through service opportunities made available by the school. Service hours may be completed from June 1 through May 30 of each school year.

How it Works
  • Parents, grandparents, or guardians volunteer for service opportunities made available by the school. Or, if you have a talent you feel can be of use to the school, let us know.
  • Volunteers log their service hours each time they serve. It is the responsibility of the family to record their hours. SSCS relies on the honor system.
  • Family members who serve on the School Board, as a PTA officer, or as an event committee member (such as Under the Oaks Run or the Spring Dinner and Auction) will have fulfilled their family’s 15 hours of service.
  • Service outside school hours for school activities (i.e. overnight field trips) count towards the 15 hours.
  • Service hours cannot be transferred to another family.
  • If 15 hours are not fulfilled by the end of the school year, the family will be billed the remaining hours in May at the rate of $10 per hour.
  • Hours cannot be carried over from year to year.
Family Service Fee

We understand that not all families can meet the 15 service hours. In lieu of service, a family can opt to pay a Family Service Fee of $150. Each family must declare their intention to provide service or pay the fee at the time of enrollment or re-enrollment.